What hypochondria is like

You discover a new symptom:

  1. Try to ignore symptom.
  2. Go through a few hours/days of ignoring symptom.
  3. Fail to ignore symptom.
  4. Struggle for a few hours/days against googling the symptom.
  5. Google the symptom.
  6. Trawl through the pages until your brain settles on a sufficiently serious disease.
  7. Tell self that there is no way you have the disease.
  8. Fail at reassuring self.
  9. Try to ignore the disease for a few hours/days.
  10. Fail to ignore the disease.
  11. Cry.
  12. Panic.
  13. Repeat.

I’m trying hard to ensure the cycle doesn’t start again. For anyone that goes through the same thing, know that you are not alone. :) I will come up with more useful posts in the future about how to get over hypochondria, but right now, I’m still on the battlefield.


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