My name is S, I’m 22 turning 23, I’m in my last year of university, and I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.

I started this blog because I just got sick of my constant anxiety about my life and health. Hypochondria is not easy. The symptoms are real – they are not imagined as many people might accuse hypochondriacs of – but my reaction to them is overblown. Whereas others might ignore the symptom, or just get it checked out at a doctor if it lingers, I panic and over-analyse every minor twinge, often googling it even when I try to control myself, and of course, every serious disease you can think of comes up.

I suffer periodically from anxiety attacks. They aren’t major, but they are bad enough that I’ve been exploring techniques to calm my mind. Exercise, mindfulness, breathing techniques.

I’m hoping that by blogging about the worries going through my head, I’ll bring some peace to myself. If you stumbled upon this blog, I hope it brings you some comfort as well. Do leave a comment if you wish you talk :)


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