I actually went out for a jog in the morning!!!!!!!!!



On a more positive note, I went jogging today! I still cannot bring myself to jog more than 20 minutes. My stamina is terrible when it comes to jogging. Luckily, I have a wonderful jogging route that runs from behind my block to a nearby park. It motivates to get out there and get my heart pumping!

are you ready to zumba?

As part of my goal to become physically stronger and healthier, I signed up for these free exercise sessions at the national stadium. They hold one type of exercise every day, and the main one I am interested in is Zumba Wednesdays! It’s not too intense, really fun and kinda fulfills my secret wish to join dancing.

I’ve also been following FitnessBlender’s workouts recently. I try to do the 30minute cardio workout at least three times a week. This week I tried that 16min HIIT workout for the first time and wow, my thighs are still aching two days on from the squats. I feel good though! I feel like I am taking charge of my own health. As I was recovering from my latest bout of flu, I did some of their lower intensity, recovery workouts and I felt a lot better afterwards. They leave me refreshed and feeling strangely light.

So my goals for the next 3 months: workout at least 3 times a week. I hope to get my weekly regime up to:

  1. Two 30min cardio workouts.
  2. 30mins of jogging.
  3. Weekly zumba.
  4. Quick 10min jog on the remaining days.

That equates to exercising every day, which is a lot. But the main goal is the first three bullet points – 4 workouts a week should not be too bad. I can always lower the intensity, but the idea is to exercise regularly. That’s why I added in the fourth point – I’ll be happy to turn the 10min jog into a 10min stretch or quick yoga session, but I find there is nothing quite like getting the blood pumping than jogging. Even cardio just doesn’t reach the same level of intensity.

I am aware that the above regime may seem like peanuts to very fit people, or even mildly fit people. However, I am a slob who has little discipline and would be happy to spend my day tumblr-ing and doing absolutely nothing (you would be amazed at my ability to do absolutely nothing – like stare out the window at the completely blank sky).

I used to exercise a ton because I had mandatory PE lessons and tennis lessons (played for my school), but I never liked exercising. The sweat, the exhaustion, the feeling that my chest and muscles were going to burst. I find some people love that feeling, but most of the time, I hated it. That’s why nowadays, I’m changing up my routine to the things I want to do. I want to zumba, because I like shaking and twisting and dancing. I like the cardio workouts – Kelli is such a sweet trainer, and the workouts are interesting and fun. I don’t like the jogging, but it’s there as a necessity. Oh well. You can’t win at everything. Still, the same things I used to hate? I’m starting to like that feeling. If I don’t feel slightly sore or tired after a workout, I find myself disappointed. It’s a good sign.

Time to sleep now. I’ve hit my 3 exercise session for this week, but I do hope to fit in one more over the weekend if I can. Come on! I can do this.